Why does brand packaging matter, and how to do it impressively?

Sep 07, 2022
Why does brand packaging matter, and how to do it impressively?

Digital space is loading up with tons of new content and products every day. Brands are coming up with ways to gain customers’ attention. Everyone is fighting to remain on top, which gets even more extreme in the eCommerce case. You have to lock your customers once they purchase from you. Therefore, making their post-purchase experience awesome is the key.

It is not only about selling the item. You may be offering a quality product at the best price, but presentation counts. So step up to craft an experience instead of just focusing on selling. How? By revamping the design of your package. Yes, a brand logo and packaging design count in creating an initial impression, which you can get crafted by the design service.

The significance of graphic design today is much high. A typical old-school brown box would not break through the competition. Online brands have to be creative with their package design as they do not exist physically in the shape of outlets.

A unique, unconventional design always impresses the shopper. Brands use this strategy to gain more customers and give them a unique shopping experience. Keeping a company's vision in mind, you can play with the package graphics and design. People trust and remember your name when the packaging reflects the brand.

How to make a difference?

Check the box fit

Look for the perfect fit of the box before diving into the creative designing process. As we told earlier, it is about creating an experience, so when customers place an order from your site, it should go in a package, fitting perfectly and protecting the product inside. We already see people complain about the damaged product received, and then the tiring returning process starts, which obviously no one likes. Therefore, to make your product the best, it is essential to pay attention to your package's capacity, weight, material, etc.

Besides, consider the temperature conditions in which your package needs to be stored. It should be easy to carry and manage for the shopper. Make your move smartly here, as you don't want to miss any chances to get a customer. For a better experience, also mention the product specification on the box to make customers aware of the inner content.

Also, our psychic mind finds a filled package with more value to our money, so keep this notion in your conscious while designing your product package.

Be noticeable from afar.

To stand out loud, you can employ bold contrasts for your product package. Using striking combination with modern patterns bring you to notice. Even in the same domain, you look different and attractive to the audience, making them try out your brand. Do not try to mimic other big brands; create your own unique identity. Understand color psychology, and include it smartly in your package. Alternatively, hire experts from Designster who play well with colors and infuse success in your design.

Personalize the package

People love the personal touch in the universe of automated machines and bots. It establishes an emotional connection between your customer and brand.

Packages with custom illustrations serve customers beyond just selling the product. It becomes the whole experience and relation. However, a company cannot personalize each package design with hands and write a note on it. It would be impossible on a mass scale. Therefore, think of an idea that can be automated. One way can be to use pre-written cards and just put them with each order, so customers feel more connected with their purchase from your brand when they receive them.

Interact with Package

People barely visit the brand about section on the website to see the brand's vision and message. Hence, you have to tell them in another way which is none other than your package design. Before seeing the product, first, people interact with your package, and you can put your message, product specifications, or anything on it to get their attention.

Giving something free with a purchase is not always necessary. By simply putting a personalized message, your customer feels more valued, becomes loyal, and never turns back on you. Further, to level up your game, you can put up graphic work instead of words. Or combine both to create something jaw-dropping. However, for this, you need design experts, and we are one that can nourish your package design with creative artwork.

Understand social generation

Today, people put their everyday life in stories and posts. Vloggers are highly active and share their routine and even shopping. Even unboxing things is a big internet trend where influencers show and review products. Even brand contact people with big followers to highlight their products on their social channels. In this way, they instantly expand their reach to thousands of other people.

With that idea, you can understand product packaging matters a lot, similar to product marketing design. Brands want to sell more and expect consumers to share with family and friends. Align your design with the target audience's interest and make them feel excited whenever they receive their parcel. Give them an irresistible reason to post their shopping from you on social media. Also, send your items to influencers and ask them to share their honest review with their audience, expanding your reach ultimately. Underestimating influencer marketing today would be a great loss, and your brand will find it very difficult to stand in the competition.

Final thoughts

Along with your product quality, the packaging is also crucial. Good packaging gives an impression of a good product inside. You must go for conveying your story, conveying a message, and connecting with your audience on an emotional level. However, center your attention on your target audience while implementing any package design strategy. Incorporate those visuals and words that are related to them.

Make your design unique to get the standing position. Simply putting the item in a brown box does not give any experience. To run long, create customized package design and make your relationship last longer with your consumers.

If you are convinced by the above points and thinking of changing your package design, contact Designster today.

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