Where to Find Freelance Design Work Online

Aug 01, 2022
Where to Find Freelance Design Work Online

With thousands of freelance designers on numerous freelance websites, reliability is not a guarantee. Not everyone there is equally expert. If saving time is essential for you, and you don't want to experiment, then only go with the sites that have secured payment gateways, are trusted globally, and are verified.

Being a remote freelance graphic designer is not easy. Technology has revamped the professional life that you can live by sitting on your sofa in the living room with a laptop and internet connection. One can gain access to any part of the world with the present technology. Now, there are multiple ways to look for graphic design work online.

To whom do Customers Consider the Best Graphic Designers?

There are tons of freelance design services available, but people consider the following designers or graphic design services best:

Offering various design services not limited to logo designing, creating brand identity, and crafting social media graphic designs. That allows customers to not go to different places for work and get everything under the same hood.

Have a vast portfolio to show what a graphic design company has done so far in visuals, showing the capacity and capability for traction.

Present authentic feedback and reviews that clients have given to the service. People often read what others say about your work.

Different packages at different prices allow clients to choose a plan according to their business requirements without spending extra.

Secure payment gateways that can be used for transactions without hesitation. Besides multiple options for a client so they can choose a method at their convenience.

Ways to Search for Graphic Design Work Online

Freelance Websites

One of the standards and reliable ways for freelance designers to find design-related work. Client posts their requirements or even graphic designers advertise their services with prices to attract visitors. The main advantage here is that you don't need to create a website, and the platform will manage everything, like promoting you and payment transfers.

However, when you get work through these platforms, they charge some percentage of the total as their commission.

Besides, there will be thousands of designers to compete with. To stand out, you must be attractive enough to gain contracts. Therefore, optimizing your account and profile according to the platform's recommended steps is best to look professional and derive more traffic.

Job Boards

Old but still relevant method to find work. However, the format is changed from physical newspapers and holdings to online mediums. But the process is similar to the old one; find the design job and work with the client when selected. Many job sites also offer filters to refine your search and see results relevant to you. Using them saves significant time as you don't face any distractions and get your desired result in minimal time.

Create a website

Here you are the king or queen with no conditions and limits. You can showcase your brand in any creative way you want. Also, the website is a must-have for any brand on this date as it is a fundamental way to represent your identity on your brand. Even for freelancers, creating a website will become a need sooner or later. People always trust those entities on the internet that contain an authentic website with all the details.

Social Media

Social media is the best place in virtual space to show what you have. Creating your brand presence on social media is highly necessary regardless of what you are doing. And for graphic work, nothing can happen until you show because it is all about visuals. So share your creative ideas on Instagram or ask your client's permission to upload their work on your social profiles to establish your reputation in the market. Further, when people see what you have for your clients, they will take an interest in your work and choose you over others.

Before Starting

Understand Your Niche

There are several options, but you have to choose the one best suits your needs. What will be your working style, how long you want to work, will you do remote or in a physical office, where your audience is present, your preferred payment method, and will you take a small number of projects or a few large projects? Getting answers to these and similar questions will clear your route to arrive at your desired destination. It is imperative because you cannot put your hands everywhere for work, and not all platforms have the same type of audience. So, to be on track, identifying your niche is a must.

Develop Portfolio

As we stated, to showcase your design skills on social media, building a portfolio lies on the same ground. A graphic designer must demonstrate previous work to get new work. You can find many ways on the internet to create an excellent and professional portfolio. There are also some dedicated design websites like Dribble, where designers upload their work in a community.

Be Proactive

Creating a good profile and publicly sharing the portfolio do not end the game. You cannot sit back and relax with that, thinking that work will come your way now automatically. Every day, you have to spend some time checking what is happening, building a network, and answering queries. Give yourself a target you will achieve by the end of the day, track your progress, and adjust things accordingly to succeed.


Graphics and visuals are the need of every brand. Graphics play a crucial role in creating a brand identity on the internet. People prefer visuals and images over small written text. However, designers must be on the platforms where clients spend most of their time and offer reasonable prices to get more work. There are various models on which the graphic design industry operates. Designster is a design agency with a graphic subscription, meaning that clients get unlimited graphic designs for a flat monthly fee. We are a one-stop graphic solution for all graphics work. So, surpass your limits with our unlimited graphic design service.

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