What to do when you can’t find any design work

Aug 05, 2022
What to do when you can’t find any design work

Gaining your first graphic design client is not easy. You may google search how to get clients and will get thousands of results. Of these, several are outdated, irrelevant, bogus, and untested.

But don't struggle much now. Designster, a graphic design agency, has gathered valuable tips that can allow you to get clients for design work.

We will be revealing steps that every professional graphic designer uses to attract more work, and you can tap into them too to get onto something.

Graphic Design – A message through Visuals

It is a complete science through which we represent our message, feelings, and emotions in visual form. Corporations use graphic design in their website design and company logo to differentiate from competitors.

A freelance designer always wants to make clients happy and establish their brand identity effectively through designing skills. A company's logo, packaging, web pages, and color scheme are clients' first points of interaction. Visual speaks before words. Consumers look for attractiveness first and only go further if it attracts them.

Also, the design work does not remain in the digital landscape only; tangible media like newspapers, magazines, billboards, and bus stands also fall in the domain.

And to craft designs, numerous tools and software come into use. Through them, designers produce meaningful patterns that establish a connection between the audience and the business. A simple illustration conveys the whole brand and its services in a glimpse.

Grab Graphic Designing Work through these Steps:

1. Be Available

Many of the work opportunities a designer misses because of unavailability. If your footstep is present on multiple platforms, keep checking them so as not to miss your chance. You never know from where you can get work.

Besides, it is an excellent strategy to be on different platforms because the internet space is vast and different people have different preferences in terms of platform. Some like Fiverr, and some choose Upwork. But, as a designer, you simply want a client who can offer you some work to let you earn your bread. The rate of getting clients may fluctuate with different platforms over time. It is because a client can quickly shift to the place which attracts them most and offer more than others.

So, as a professional graphic designer, your availability in multiple places matters. Relying on a single source does not come as a good idea and prevents you from earning more than you can. Go and explore the limitless graphic design world.

2. Become a Specialist of Something

Maybe you are a new graphic designer in the field and do not have much work experience, but your specialization in specific design always pays off high. You can arrange your designs into categories for the easy understanding of the viewer. Users only want to see the information meaningful to them, and if you can show them things in their interest, then you are close to locking the deal with them.

3. Make Your Work Portfolio

Seeing is believing. And in the case of graphic design, that factor stands highest. A client needs some proof that supports your words regarding how good you are at designing. Before talking with you in person, they visit your profile to see what you have done. If your previous work inspires them, then only they will make up their mind to message you. However, it is necessary to take permission from the client to let you share the work with others.

Besides, you can create mockup designs and illustrations if there is nothing much to show to express your creativity.

4. Apply Regularly for Work

The job does not end after signing up on freelance graphic design websites. On a daily basis, search the platform to see if anybody is asking for services.

5. Show on Social Media

Promote yourself on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram to gain an audience. You may not get work on these platforms, but today's reality is based on the number of followers. The bigger your circle, the more chances you grow of getting graphic work.

And similarly, as we said above, ensure that your clients do not have any issues publicly sharing their work.

6. Create a Website

Having a portfolio on freelance websites is good but creating your own website is best. Sooner or later, you will be in need of creating a site because it is a basic need of any brand.

A website gives you complete flexibility to be yourself, which is not possible or limited on third-party websites. Besides, it gives a sense of trust to a client that they are investing in the right person.

7. Progress with Time

Explore the design field and freelance websites for a graphic designer to refine your skillset and see what new is happening in the industry. Further, you can read articles, watch videos, and attend seminars to develop a deeper understanding of the domain. This also makes you aware of new tools that can reduce your effort and increase efficiency.

To bridge the industrial gap, keeping up with time is of the utmost importance as a freelance designer.

8. Join Design Communities (Bonus)

By socializing with people who share similar interests and are like-minded, you can learn so much. The exchange of information and experience optimizes career growth. On Facebook, you can find many groups and communities where experts guide you with new skills and design tools. Also, you can learn from their experience to get new clients.

Final Verdict

The first step is always the most challenging step in any field. Designers must keep themselves motivated and follow the steps we have mentioned above to improve their chances. Designster experts also help beginners in the field to get in the line and contribute on platforms to help the community. We are a professional graphic design agency that provides unlimited design services for a flat subscription fee. So if you want to design your website, brand logo, or portfolio, contact us now.

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