Use of neon shades in graphic designing

Sep 09, 2022
Use of neon shades in graphic designing

To give your visuals a vibrant and striking effect, neon-based color palettes come into place. They are striking and noticeable from a far distance. In a crowded segment, a neon color palette enables you to stand out and attract people’s attention.

Also, they bring excitement factor to any design by making them bright and bold. You can incorporate them into graphic designs to make them more distinguishable and energetic. It brings everyone's attention by appearing glowing on the screen. Shocking shades are best to be different from the rest. However, they are not suitable to use in every domain and need to be employed smartly to look professional with design visuals.

Let’s find out some cool neon-based color palettes that can make your designs appealing.

Neon electro blue

Depending on how you craft your creative graphic design, this color brings professionalism. Blue color always remains in trend. Several businesses use this color to design their logo to create trust and portray professionalism. For a sophisticateNeon pink and redd feel, a darker shade of blue works well, while a lighter one offers honesty and calmness.

Neon pink and red

They are mostly used in the cosmetics industry as this color represents femininity and blends well with the other contrasting colors. Red and pink both fall nearly in the same category, and you can adjust the tone in between to get the desired feeling. Brands often combine this shade with black to make the design more punchier, luxurious, and classy. However, there is no limit exists; a designer's creative mind can do many magics.

Neon green and blue

It is a palette that mostly comes into use for technology-related companies and gaming. Green always contains some hyper vibes that we always feel when a game or a match becomes intense. Apart from that, it also looks appealing when you blend it with your social media post designs and graphic site. While on the other hand, blue is more like to offer a feeling of protection. Mixing them in your visuals can truly amaze your audience.

Neon orange and purple

Branding with this hue is very rare to see. But when a company utilizes this palette, a high-powered and fun image appears. This shade is more than enough to show you are enjoying and wanting to bring joy through logo and packaging design.

Neon electric orange

To go on the warmer mellow side and show enthusiasm, electric orange jumps into the list. In a digitally maintained color wheel that designers use, you can see red covering most of the area, which makes it eye-catching. Electric orange also comes from the red family; therefore, your brand can include it in your design where you need a vibranc.

Neon yellow

Previously, this shade was not common in the league as people resembled it with the typical incandescent pale light bulb. But now, it broke the barrier and enabled glow in many of the graphics work presently.

Neon green

Neon shades have more energy than conventional colors. The more vibrant the hue is, the more energy it contains. And talking about the neon-based green, it is more full of energy than any other neon. Also, there are several variations like lime which usually happen to be found in cosmetics-related brands. Like all other shades, neon green can incorporate significant value into a company's graphics and design.

Designing with neon shades

There are chances that your company website is based on traditional color schemes. But let me tell you, web graphic design has changed with time and embraced many new trends in it. Using neon colors smartly can attract more viewers’ attention. Further, it enhances your chance to be more visible on social media. Your designs pop and gain attention, making users hold the scroll and look for a while.

The fashion industry also uses neon vibrancy excessively, mostly in the make-up category. Even in the sports and activewear category, people wear bright neon suits to make a bold impression and get noticed from afar. In the same way, they do the job in the digital world. Brands have now accepted its power and using it to achieve positive results. Competition is tough these days, and every brand wants to remain in the user's conscious; hence, they are integrating vibrant colors to get a unique identity.

When to use neon colors?

Not everyone can use neon colors for their brand. If your designs are related to something serious and formal, they will not work. In order to employ them for your company logo and designs, make sure that:

Your brand personality is adventurous

Belongs to the creative domain

Want to shine

Seek to be different and unique

Also, please note that neon hues do not portray the identical meaning that non-fluorescent do. Like if you see green, it gives a positive vibe, but when the table turns on the neon side, it symbolizes radioactive and nuclear energy. Similarly, yellow represents happiness but becomes cautious in neon.

Final Verdict

The game has changed a lot. We had come out from the period of the 80s when neon hues were only used to represent fashion attires. Now, their domain has been expanded. However, the success factor depends on how you infuse it with your graphic designs. Ideally, plain background with minimal relevant content does the job best.

Moreover, test your visual work immediately to know the audience's response. They are the best judge and give you a direction to put the effort in. Besides, if you don't wish to strangle and seek some great neon designs at a cost-effective price, Designster can help you with that.

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