Top resources designers should have in their design toolkit

Sep 28, 2022
Top resources designers should have in their design toolkit

Being a designer, one always needs some resources in their graphic design toolkit to perform design work efficiently. On a daily basis, a graphic designer use stock images, vectors, custom illustrations, icons, fonts, and design tools to get the job done.

Needless to say, the creative graphic design makes a brand professional in tone and enhances customer engagement. People instantly connect with visuals, ultimately increasing profit in a business owner’s pocket. In addition, a creative design makes the brand position prominent in the market while building trust and reputation among the audience.

Professional designers keep searching for the latest graphics and design trends to nourish their visuals with a fresh look. However, searching is not easy, and neither designer get a whole day for it as they remain busy crafting graphics. Therefore, to save hustle, Designster is presenting some resources designers must have in their arsenal to work like a pro.

Let’s give them a shot!

Stock images


A great visual is always subject to appealing eyes and grabbing attention. Besides, images are an integral part of any graphic design work. They are the charging source of visuals. To get images for all projects without going here and there, take a peek at Unsplash.

Unsplash consists of millions of free stock photos that designers employ in their projects. It is like a sea of images. And the best part is that it is free to use.


Pexel is another great platform to look for free stock videos and images. Its user interface is also very intuitive and lets you easily search for desired photos.



Created by Katerina Limpitsouni, unDraw is an open-source platform for designers to play with innovative ideas. It also has eye-appealing SVG images that creators can employ freely without attribution. Besides, unDraw also allows designers to add hex code to modify the illustration.


A platform designed by Pablo Stanely has something unique to offer. Humaaans allow to rotate, mix and match vector illustrations as per the designer’s preference. Further, the created illustration is free to use for personal and commercial purposes.



As the name suggests, Ionicons include icons for Android, desktop, and iOS applications. In addition, their license is open-sourced, meaning that anyone can use them free of cost.


Icons8 is a big library of icons that are available to use for free. It also offers icons in SVG and PNG format. The platform updates its icon library frequently not to miss any ongoing trend. In recent times, they also released searches related to the pandemic for those who wanted to do something about it.

The Noun Project

For fantastic iconography, one cannot miss this source. It has cool icons to offer. However, before downloading and using any icon, ensure to check its license. Besides, a creator can upload their work for sale on this platform to turn an idea into a profit.



A designer who wants to experiment with different fonts without going heavy on the pocket, Typekit is their savior. Nothing gets easy as paying once and getting access to a range of font styles instead of purchasing a license for an individual typeface every time.


A place where only high-quality fonts exist! There are several free fonts also to give you a taste of the dish. Fontfabric started in 2008, and from then on, it never stopped growing with fresh and unique font styles.

Stock videos


With no attribution requirement, Coverr is a good option to get creative stock videos without paying a penny for commercial and non-commercial usage.


Mixkit is a well-known platform in the designing field where one can get free-of-cost high-quality stock videos, along with animations beautifully created by some renowned designers.

Life of vids

Whether you are an online product designer, animator, advertiser, marketer, or belong to any creative field, Life of vids is for you. It also allows to make loops with many timeless videos. One must not miss to check out on Life of vids.


To produce material for commercial and personal purposes without spending a dollar, head on the Videvo today. However, videos under the Creative Common 3.0 license are subject to the original author’s attribution.

Image editing


VSCO is a highly professional photo editing application available on Android and iOS. One can instantly edit, retouch, or capture photos with it. For social media graphic design, VSCO is more than enough.


A free-to-use browser-based editing tool that allows designers to perform image modifications on the basic level.

Adobe suite

Any designing toolkit cannot be completed without the Adobe programs. Industry professionals rely on Adobe for the quality they provide. No designer's system exists on this planet that does not have a program by Adobe installed in it.



Designers’ lives have been made easy with the use of Screely. It can transform a captured screen into a mockup. One does not require to do things on Photoshop or any other tool. Screely handles everything.


Two designers in 2016 from Slovenia started Lovelymockups to offer artists ready-to-use templates. Without any cost, the platform offers high resolution, along with premium quality templates best-suited for presentations, banner design, social media, billboards, online portfolios, and catalogs.


Gaining reach to great resources makes a designer's work fast and easy. They get more time for other projects, increasing their work performance. The ocean is so vast we curated some best tools that other professionals and we utilize in day-to-day design work. Also, if you want trendy designs for your business, then choose Designster Designster has been providing world-class unlimited design services worldwide at a flat monthly subscription. We offer clients a hassle-free design process with no contract, unlimited requests, and unlimited revisions. Our guaranteed low prices save you money and time to spend on other business core areas.

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