Magnetize your brand for more business growth

Sep 12, 2022
Magnetize your brand for more business growth

Starting a business requires a number of resources and a full-proof plan. What is the business all about? What services will you offer? Who will be your audience? How will you make a profit? What problem will your product solve? These are the question any entrepreneur should ask yourself before starting their business journey.

Moving with a plan, there will be a step where you need to establish your brand visual identity on the internet, on social platforms specifically.

That may sound like an easy job to put some images and patterns related to your niche, and progress will start. But no, it takes many works to align design elements with the brand vision and tone to speak effectively.

Visual powers the brand identity

In graphic design, visuals speak more than text. Whatever elements you use on your website impact your relationship with visitors and customers. If you operate in a tech-related business, your visual tone must be in accordance with the niche. There are several studies that tell how businesses can use colors and visual designs to attract people.

If you understand and work on these principles, your progress will start facing a significant boost. However, things need to be done in the right way to achieve such momentum, and Designster can help you with that.

Visual identity core elements

Stay Relevant

Every industry is facing huge advancements at a rapid scale. To stay on the stop, you have to be fast with your moves. So keep an eye on the trends and changes and analyze their power to benefit your business.

Let's suppose if you are marketing with content, then it is imperative to understand how the Google algorithm works and optimize your SEO strategy and content to enhance your chances. However, it is not a one-time game; Google updates its algorithms frequently. Therefore, things that are doing good for you today might not work well tomorrow. So, stay relevant!

Business Logo

When anyone talks about brand identity, the first thing that hits the conscious is the creative logo design. It is your representation in the business world and also in the digital space. So, being professional and influential with it can turn a big business on your side.

You can employ text, images, or their fusion for logo designing or design illustrations based on imagination.


In the visual language, typefaces also matter. How you write any word with the font style shows your emotions and connection with the audience. Your font, color, and logo design should be aligned in a way that gives the exact tone that your brand has.

Fonts can be categorized as funny, casual, modern, simple, professional, or artistic. Depending on your business nature and industry, you can dive into one of the categories and find the one that can speak your brand.


To make your brand more humanized, images, videos, and custom illustrations come into play. Those who are recognizing the power of platforms like TikTok and Instagram are achieving massive success. When your brand contains faces and employees representing the company on a personal level helps build an emotional connection with the audience. People show more trust as they see real faces.

However, using images and videos also requires tone consistency. As it is also a part of creative graphic design, establishing a style guide can guide you in the visual journey.

A guide for style

Putting whatever you like does not create a brand image. There is a process need to be placed for filtering the ideas. A typical style guide for all types of graphic design contains a few rules for using colors, fonts, logos, videos, and pictures. For instance:

  • Logo size and placement
  • Color palette
  • Font styles
  • Image categories
  • Design definitions

Creating an effective style guide can take a lot of time but once created, it can serve for a long time span. So consider your time here as an investment that will return big benefits in the future.

Five steps to creating a customer magnet brand

  1. Instead of focusing on sales, make your brand representable to your best customers. Those who are loyal to you will become the best source for your marketing returns. Build your brand around them and embrace the massive growth.
  2. Value your potential customers' feedback. Don't just limit your focus on selling your products. If you receive any recommendations or feedback, always respond and consider. People who are truly into your brand will only make time to contact you. So, considering them will bring great value to your business.
  3. The business is about the data and numbers. So in your planning, use tools for analyzing trends and extracting hidden information behind the numbers to be effective with your decisions. When you can see the ongoing trend and get to its root, you can change the whole game phenomenally.
  4. Consider buyers’ choice and interest. Keep digging to find out why people prefer your competitor over you for the same-class product. Maybe you are good with your product but bad with marketing it, or maybe a customer is not aware of your brand or finds it hard to give it a try. Understanding the root cause can open up the ways on the surface.
  5. Many businesses still don't know it requires a brand model to operate effectively among people. A model is like a plan that describes customer characteristics like their mindset, psychology, attitude, buying power, and behavior. It supports all your decision-making and serves as the foundation.

To Conclude

A brand design definition has changed with time. Now it is not limited to a logo on the product but counts as the whole experience that a customer gets from your product. You have to make that experience memorable.

Besides, as we mentioned above, a brand visual appearance should be consistent on all mediums and come through a style guide that charge all your graphic designs with the same tone. Going on and off with your designs can create trust issues among your audience as they will not find you a reliable company. So, consistency is the key.

Lastly, if you are analyzing some top graphic design companies for your brand design, consider Designster for the premium design service at a cost-effective price.

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