How to successfully brand your YouTube channel?

Sep 14, 2022
How to successfully brand your YouTube channel?

How will your video get the spotlight on a platform where thousands of videos upload daily? How can you make it to the top?

YouTube is a giant and most popular video search engine with every topic you can think of. We will guide you in this article over branding your company's YouTube channel correctly and effectively moving in the journey.

For marketing, YouTube is the greatest platform, and several conducted analyses reveal the power of this medium that helps brands to grow their sales number. But, unfortunately, many companies literally do not even think and ignore the YouTube potential for a brand in their social media marketing design. Let us tell you one thing; today's audience prefers visuals and videos rather than reading textual information, and their scrolling only stops when their eyes catch something flashy. So how can you grow as a brand with your YouTube channel? Find out in this blog!

How much does YouTube channel branding matter?

A well-branded channel attracts more people and establishes a sense of trust among viewers. They will believe what you show in your videos, ultimately subscribing to your channel for more related content. Besides, employing graphic design and customized illustration in your videos will give you the following advantages:

  • Your brand will look more attractive than your competitors.
  • Create a long-lasting impact on viewers' minds.
  • Build trust.
  • Create engagement through visuals.

Meanwhile, in the run of branding, creative designing should be your focus with other areas. Your click rate will increase if you appear attractive in the initial glimpse. And for that, you will need the help of a graphic designing agency like Designster that has professional video graphic designers to make your channel shine. Our design squad work is research-driven and can give your channel a significant boost.

Crucial YouTube channel elements to work on

Channel logo

One of the basic yet core element of any channel is its logo. It can be an icon, illustration, or image. However, it needs to be identified uniquely and should not be copied. For the brand, we recommend using the company logo for consistency and a better experience. And come to us if you want to get your creative channel logo designed by our professional designers.

Banner design

Channel art, in other words, a banner, is the tip of the iceberg that shows what your channel is all about, reflecting the brand personality. As it is positioned on the very top, making it catchy will serve more than the best. Also, banner colors must complement the channel logo to create an aesthetic flow.

About section

Work on your channel description for those who still want to read before subscribing. Along with other social handles, write an accurate description of your brand and mention the areas your channel will cover through visual content. Also, mentioning upload days and schedules can enhance this section with more relevant details.

Channel trailer

Now for the visual readers, there must be something to give, right? People watch a trailer before deciding on the movie to watch. Same goes with your brand. Make a trailer that excites viewers, and they can't help but hit the subscribe button to get an alert for every new video.

Further, YouTube allows showing different videos depending on the subscription of the viewer. Taking advantage of this feature, you can create separate videos. A mini trailer for those who are not subscribers, making them subscribe straight away. While for subscribers, feature your most viewed and viral content to retain their interest.

However, make sure to be relevant and honest with your content. What you claim in your trailer should be visible in your videos. Also, you can incorporate custom illustrations to make it more engaging and vibrant. Hire video graphic designers from us today to design a trailer best representing your brand.

Topic name (video title)

That is what catches attention. Content creators also use clickbait video titles to increase their viewership. Also, using power words in your title lets YouTube put your video in its algorithm in an optimized way. Besides, use keywords that are most searched and common for better SEO. So, the result will also contain your video content when anyone puts a query on YouTube or Google. To get a better idea for the optimized video titles, look into "Traffic Sources" in your YouTube analytics, where you can see what phrases people type to find your content.

There are several more tactics for titling your videos in a better way. Whatever you use, just don’t overdo anything. Focus on the user instead of the internet algorithms.


Another important place to give the idea about the content. Creators often select the image from their video or let YouTube decide to capture it from anywhere from the video. But professionals always create custom thumbnails to perform better. Videos that go on trend and perform best always have custom-created thumbnails. And to make your videos also shine, use our design service for creating custom illustrations.


Often neglected but highly necessary to create. With them, you create ease for the audience, and they don't have to search again and again for the information. Creators also use the timestamp feature to mark the duration for a specific topic, making it easy for the viewer to navigate directly to their part.

Brand your channel like never before

In the transition of the modern world, videos have gained supremacy and are a lot more than entertainment purposes. Many brands have created their vast digital footprint with YouTube channel creation. If you also want to grow, this is your time. Embrace the power of visual content, and create authentic relatable content for your target market.

As soon you face growth on your channel, you will see more profit coming your way, and your reach will expand. With a YouTube channel, you will also get followers on your other social accounts. Even you can promote your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in your videos’ intro or outro.

Work on the elements mentioned above to get yourself on track, and if you want visuals and designs for your ideas, then get unlimited designs on a flat monthly subscription with Designster.

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