How to create an inspiring brand identity that will make you wow?

Sep 19, 2022
How to create an inspiring brand identity that will make you wow?

An attractive personality of a brand does not get established overnight. It is not like you combine some colors with graphic design and wait for a miracle that will never happen. A strategic approach is paramount for crafting a brand identity that mirrors the real face to the audience. And to do that, you require professional designers with custom illustration skills and logical thinking to craft designs that speak clearly and vividly to the world.

Well, achieving that is not easy and takes lots of effort, but it is imperative to do in order to grow and build a presence. You may get stuck and become confused when you begin to create an identity for your brand. How to do it? What should I add and exclude? These types of questions will dance in your mind.

To go smoothly and reach the desired end, follow this article as your guide to outperform your rivals, strengthen your brand position, and shine in the industry.

Feeling charged? Okay… Let’s get into this and make your brand bigger!

What is a brand?

A brand is a personality that dwells in your audience's mind. In actuality, it is your business, but the brand differentiates your product and services from others. It is like you generate a vibe of your business that can only be felt.

How to do branding?

Well, it is an art that gets better with time and practice. You take certain steps to make a personality for your brand in the market. It is quite challenging to putting your effort into graphics and design to build a brand image.

What is meant by brand identity?

As you have a name as your identity, your brand also needs an identity in the virtual world. So you combine different visual elements to convey the image, tone, and message. These elements become your brand characteristics later and let people recognize you uniquely.

Steps to craft a brand identity

Understand the roots

A house cannot be built without foundation. A brand is like a house for the business owner. So, before diving into the pool of visuals and design, build a strong foundation on which your brand will stand. Then whatever will you do will rest on top of that.

To do that, know yourself and your personality first. What do you want to do, and how will you do it? Then, prepare an answer for such a question to create an understanding of each entity tied with your goal. When the core is charged, results will shine on the surface powerfully. Without foundation, you cannot have a design identity, or at least it will not portray the image as per the expectations.

So, before beginning the process, be certain about your:

Brand backbone: it is the vision, mission, values, and principles.

Name: Pick a catchy name that sounds interesting, easy to pronounce, has a meaning and is memorable. Also, designing a logo requires a brand name first.

Tone: The essence and feel your brand will give.

Tagline: the definition of what you do. The simple, short, and sweet message speak about your mission.

When you know these, you can tell a design service to do action.

Research your target audience

To whom do you target? The world is so big; therefore, a group of the audience will be interested in your services; not everyone. Therefore, a brand strategy will be ineffective if you will not pay attention to target audience metrics.

Don't make a mistake here by trying to consider everyone your customer. It is not feasible, and even if you try to do it, you will get nothing except disappointment.

Hence, craft your graphics and social media post design by keeping your potential customers in mind. Every big and successful brand you see today does this to attract people.

Don’t forget that you market yourself with your brand personality. Like any other marketing, considering brand strategy as marketing serves best. And you market for people; without them, you will not run ads and commercials.

Keep eyes on competitors

Following the purpose, you created earlier in the process, analyze rival moves in the game. Seeing their strategy gives you insight into your marketing and brand building. You get a better idea of what can work best and what does not.

The best analysis comprises of:

Checking out the competitors’ website

Figuring out their product price over quality

Watching what customers are saying about them on the internet

Analyzing how their social media graphics design is performing.

Seeing how they market

Enable your visual perspective

After gathering all the information and establishing your purpose statement, it's time to prepare the entry for graphics and visuals.

Designing is highly subjective as what you see; others may can’t. Besides, colors also play a definite role in any graphic design. However, people interpret their meanings in different ways. The case with the words is also the same.

So, you need some design professionals at this stage who know the visual language. Then, you can share your vision with them to get where you want your brand identity to be.

Design a company logo

An initial design work of a brand identity starts by creating a modern logo design. Remember, each element needs to be related to the other. There should be no alien object in your logo design. Everything you include should have a purpose.

A great logo design does not come in a first attempt. It takes several revisions, making your cost high. However, without paying extra and getting an option for unlimited revisions is not a dream now. Designster, for real, is doing this.

Create a color palette

Fetch the colors you used in your logo design to set the foundation. However, it is crucial to understand what each color means before selecting colors. There is whole color psychology which describes their impact on the human mind.


Fonts really help in creating a tone. If blended rightly with colors, it strengthens your brand message and image. An ideal step here is to pick three fonts you will employ in your brand posts—one for the main heading, one for the subheading, and one for the body text.

Design a brand guideline

It is a rulebook where you define color, fonts, patterns, and layout usage guidelines. You mention everything in it, so your design patterns remain consistent even if you change your team in the future.

Final Verdict

Branding gives your business a face. The more attractive your face is, the more you have chances to get noticed. Else, you will wander aimlessly in the digital space.

However, putting effort into graphic work to craft an identity can bring amazing results for any business. With good branding, you gain audience trust and make them return for more. You create and maintain a good reputation in the market if you take the right steps in the right direction. And if you are ready to elevate, let Designster be your creative partner.

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