A Brief History of Graphic Design

Aug 03, 2022
A Brief History of Graphic Design

Prepare yourself for a storytime; We are going to tell you about the graphic design journey beginning and how its form evolved with time. Today, design illustrations are everywhere. The planet is surrounded by different graphic forms, from websites to smartphone applications to business logos to UI/UX. Every business utilizing graphics to promote their business should know how this art form became part of mainstream channels. Don't worry; you will not be bored.

Envisioning business growth and customer attraction without graphic design is not an option at the present time. For a long history, humankind has been utilizing visuals to express emotions and feelings. Though, the artform is highly evolved today and happening on digital platforms instead of walls and trees. It is because now the world has shifted to virtual space, and people rely on technology for every need. In that case, most time happens to be in the virtual world, and businesses place themselves in users' feeds to gain recognition and establish brand awareness.

Visuals Fuel the World Businesses

When companies saw the potential in graphics that could help them to be different from rivals by using images, logo illustration, and brand visuals, graphics remained their strategy's integral part. And with that, the demand for professional graphic designers remains at the top in every field.

Initially, artists were considered as designers who used to sketch current happenings on canvas or creatively present their thoughts. However, as time progressed and the world met with technology, new innovative designing tools and programs were introduced, which revamped every business structure in graphic design terms.

Graphic Design Origin

According to history, William Addison Dwiggins first came up with the term "graphic design" in 1922 in an essay called "New Kind of Printing Calls for New Design." Then, to explain his own visual work and how he managed it, he used the term.

Graphic Evolution with Industry Revolution

Somewhere between the time of 1760 to 1840, the revolution of industry started. New technologies and innovations, like lithography, were introduced to enhance manufacturing methods and production.

Lithography is printing by inking the pattern on a metal or stone surface and moving it on paper. With time, chromolithography was also born, with colors for printing ideas.

Drawings in Caves

Human beings of every generation were born intelligent and showed their thoughts and feelings through art on rocks, trees, walls, canvas, paper, earth, sand, etc. Formally, it is called "parietal art." Archeologists and history researchers still find ancient crafted patterns on cave walls and trees and try to interpret them.

As per known history, in Sulawesi, Indonesia, "Pettakere" was the first ever cave painting found around 35,000 years ago. However, scientists are unaware of its meaning. The ancient generation painted and decorated the walls by mixing animal fat and spit with dirt. The essential thing to understand here is that written communication was not developed properly at that time, so they used designs to communicate and show expressions through art.


In 1950, the modern graphic design era became an industry part. It is tagged as modern because it rejects past conventional designing styles and emphasizes testing with creative ideas that are authentic and fresh. Professional designers aim to craft designs that show true modern society's nature. Textures, geometrical patterns, typography, and textures are modern graphic designs' essential components. Facebook logo is a practical example to consider for understanding modernism.

Art Deco

Art deco form gained popularity in World War l period. Graphic designers blend art deco form with modernism by utilizing geometric patterns, bold contrasts, and typefaces to emit luxury. It is a premium art form containing various shapes, contrasts, textures, and typefaces. The whole concept aimed at crafting a style that represents richness and sophistication. That was a big move in the design field evolution.

First Logo Appearance

Logo disrupted the world in the 1400s. At first, the publishing sector utilized labels. However, they were not permitted to use any symbol for their own publications. The scope was not limited to use as a promotional tool. Instead, opening new ways to express the power of printing visuals.

21st Century Graphic Styles

The form of visual design we see in today's world was extracted in the 1800s when Word War ll ended. Further, advancements in science happened to start in the 19th century. The industrial time focus was on how to be creative with design and technology. Everyone exhibited a crucial role, including designers who used creative designing skills that have lately become an integral part of brand advertisements and marketing. Today whatever we are doing with visuals came from that time. Although we are now highly advanced with technology, compared to previous, but roots are the same on which the design field is progressing.

How Graphic Designing is Getting Utilized in the Present World

With blazing fast innovation and improvements, the graphic design field is evolving exponentially and positively affecting businesses' approaches.

More Companies are into Graphic Design Today

Survival of any brand is difficult, which is not investing in graphic design companies. However, technology has expanded the business scope and created paths to reach more audiences. And brands that are smart with their strategies are utilizing visuals to gain success in the market.

Graphics for Content Marketing

When designing met brand marketing, experts only focused on creative logo design ideas. Besides, they were in the habit of crafting banners and leaflets for clients. So creating something with visuals was rare and uncommon. However, today, tables have turned; visual is one of the primary ingredients to complete the recipe. Today, we see on our social media how different companies promote their services through visuals and attract people to their businesses.

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New Ways to Promote a Business

Social media marketing graphic design, along with content marketing, are in high demand. As a result, professional designers utilize various tools to craft visual power. Previously, designs illustrated the company's core areas where they have expertise. It is also a common practice today, but many new levels have been added with time in this visual game.

Limitless Power of Graphics

So, in the end, we understood how the graphic design came to the fore with time and leveled up. But there is still one factor unknown. And that is, what is the future of designing?

Well, the past and present events reveal that it has much more potential. However, we have only experienced the chunk, and with the rise of AR and VR, the field will evolve further to take new forms.

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