10 Color palettes that can charge your brand’s visuals

Sep 21, 2022
10 Color palettes that can charge your brand’s visuals

To communicate visually with your brands, you need colors. Not any color but a specific color palette to convey the message effectively and consistently.

With colors, you emit excitement, peace, or emergency. When deciding on a brand's graphic design color, you will come across many beautiful and appealing colors, but not all are for you. You may have a specific preference, but choosing a contrast that blends correctly with your industry and message is essential. If you pick random colors every time, you will lose relevancy.

Color harmony importance

It is a debatable topic, and different designers have different eyes on it. On the surface, a color combination appealing to the human mind is called color harmony. However, to keep it simple, we can say that colors make sense together and give the meaning that can be employed for the brand.

In creative designing, every professional designer strives for color harmony. It is crucial because colors have a deep psychological impact on the human mind. They significantly affect their purchase decision by establishing a feeling. On the other hand, in the absence of a color palette, your brand cannot unlock its true potential and will remain understimulated.

Color palette with two shades

You often require more than one color when working with creative logo design, website user interface, app designing, and more. To begin smartly, we always recommend taking a small step: pick two shades that prominent your brand among the audience. Also, most of the time, only two shades fulfill your brand visual requirements and bring profitable results.

So, let’s see some striking color combinations based on two shades.

Palette 1: Pink and blue

Combining two entirely different dimensions gives outstanding results. Blue with a darker tone shows the confidence and intelligence that nature holds, along with giving a soothing and calm vibe. Pink represents women and has a peaceful nature. So if your niche belongs to nature and femininity, blending pink and blue can give your brand a pleasant look.

Palette 2: Red and blue

A very traditional and complimentary color palette. When you have these two colors in your brand, you do not require any other color to integrate as they do all the job effectively.

Palette 3: Purple and blue

Blue (a turquoise shade) and purple work well together to reflect luxury and sophisticated fashion styles.

To be pleasant with your tone, keep neutral colors in your palette, like white or beige, for better blending. If you are in the luxury segment, this palette pays off high.

Palette 4: Khaki and aqua

Combining muted colors also brings power to your brand's visual identity. Incorporating this combination correctly gives the brand a calm tone. Besides, people also use this combination for apparel and home furnishing.

Palette 5: Gray and yellow

This color palette is the best choice for a versatile look. It can be used to portray different vibes. Gray and yellow look classy together and produce a mild effect on the viewer's mind.

Palette 6: Green and brown

An addictive color scheme that balances a brand tone with trust and dependability. Green is a highly dynamic color that invokes happiness, while brown represents comfort and growth. If you are operating in a niche related to a dynamic environment, this color scheme is more than enough to use.

Palette 7: Dark blue and purple

Two powerful colors, when combined together, generate more power. Purple promotes luxury and mystery. And blue, as we mentioned earlier, gives a sense of strength and intelligence. So, to appear charming yet powerful, color your brand with this combination.

Palette 8: Pink and green

Subtly using these shades gives a premium feeling along with calmness in your tone. These two colors are for you if you don't want to appear aggressive and persuasive with your brand identity. Instead, they emit a thoughtful and cheerful feeling to their viewers.

Palette 9: Blue and orange

A blue with a tint of gray and orange with little drawn to the brown side evokes a mysterious and enchanted tone. If you are in the travel business, this palette can do a great job for your brand identity.

Palette 10: Olive and yellow

A unique and refreshing color palette for those who seek to go beyond conventional styles and appear different from the competition

Try them in your next graphic work.

As you have seen different combinations that give different meanings, it will be easy for you now to choose a color palette for your brand. Whether you are creating a custom illustration, business logo, web graphic design, or social media post design, the list of palettes we have shared with you can become a good reference point to consider.

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